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Please take a moment to read through and watch the video below.

Understanding The New Dashboard

The New Online Dashboard allows you to;

1. Register for online games 

2. Check your Stats

3. Check the Leaderboards (both Points and Bankroll)

4. Update your Profile.

Step By Step Instructions


To log in to the dashboard, simply click on the button in the upper right-hand corner.  This is also how you will log into the Online Software.


To log in to the dashboard, simply click on the button in the upper right-hand corner.  This is also how you will log into the Online Software. Click the Forgot Password link if you forgot or need to reset your password.


The Dashboard

  • To Play (get to the online software and Register for Events) click on the Play Now button.

  • To Update Your Profile, click on the Profile icon next to it.


Leaderboards and Stats

You can check out the Online Leaderboards and your Stats under the Leaderboards Tab


Other Cool Stuff

Poke around, add an image to your Profile, check out other players, have fun. We will be adding new functionalities each month.

Thank you so much, everyone!

Beer Icon.png

A few PRO TIPS: During play, you can hover over your cards to see them after folding. (You can press the screen on a mobile device to see them as well).

You can also play in multiple games at once (including Ring Games and Tournaments). On a desktop/laptop, you can move the game windows around to accommodate this. On mobile, there is a "NEXT" option to switch between active tables.

Registering for Online Tournaments

1. Log into​​.


2. Click the TOURNAMENTS tab (top right).


3. Click on the tournament you wish to play in.


4. Click the REGISTER button in the bottom right of your screen

(if you register during late registration, this button says “REGISTER LATE”).


Once you’ve confirmed you’re registered, just be back on this site 5-10 minutes before game time. You will be automatically seated at a table at game time. If you are not, then you have not registered!

Username Already Exists?

If someone already has the username you want, no problem!

1. Make sure you are using your WTP username in the Online Player Name field. This way, players will have a better time knowing who you are.

2. If that username already exists, enter something similar to it (like adding or taking away a number at the end of it).

Remember, you don't have to use your exact WTP username here, but it is recommended. If it's already taken, just use something close to it. Above all else, make sure you enter your new Online Player Name in your WTP player profile when you are done!

Changing Your Password

This is a bit confusing (part of the software, not our doing). Just follow these directions and you'll be good to go. 

1. Click on the Reset My Password button on the login screen.

2. You will receive an email with a Validation Code.

3. Enter the Validation Code in the box as indicated AND enter your new password AT THE SAME TIME.

NOTE: If you just enter the Validation Code, it won't work.

Changing Your Account Info

Update your Account Info here including Password, Real Name, Location, and even find a cool Avatar.

PLEASE NOTE - You cannot change your username. This is built into the software for security purposes.

Display Settings

These settings are simply how you want to view your screen.

The coolest part is the Extend Lobby and Table Chat. Rather than reading a few lines in the small chat boxes, you can expand them to sit next to your table and view 20+ chats at a time.


Extended Table Chat

This is a must change. So many options here!

1. See all the recent chats in keep up with what is going on.

2. General - Get all the Tournament Info.

3. Stats - Get all the Stats from the tournament.

4. History - Get all the hand History.

Table Settings

Auto Muck - Uncheck this box and have the option of revealing your winning hand!

Mute Dealer Chat - This removes all of the 'dealer chat' such as who won the hand, new hand dealt, etc.

Betting Quick Buttons - Customize your pre and post-flop quick bet buttons

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Extended Lobby Chat.png
Table Settings.png
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