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PLEASE NOTE: Any changes to the below info will be announced at the time of the changes.


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In our new WTP Online games, each player (depending on the level of subscription) receives a Virtual Bankroll of playing chips each month. These chips can be used as tournament buy-ins as well as Ring Games. The better you manage your bankroll, the better your ranking!

Please note: Bankroll Chips reset on the 1st of every month. Pro accounts receive 20,000 chips per month, while Free accounts receive 1,000 chips per month.

Each tournament has Virtual Buy-ins ranging from 75 chips to 250 chips, with a few High-Limit events (up to 500 chips) each month.

The Top 20 players in every tournament receive Virtual Winnings that go towards their Bankroll Earnings. Virtual Winnings are paid out in the following structure:

1st place: 18% of prize pool

2nd place: 14% of prize pool

3rd place: 12% of prize pool

4th place: 8.5% of prize pool

5th place: 7.5% of prize pool

6th place: 6.5% of prize pool

7th place: 5.5% of prize pool

8th place: 4.5% of prize pool

9th place: 3% of prize pool

10th and 11th place: 2.4% of prize pool

12th and 13th place: 2.2% of prize pool

14th and 15th place: 2% of prize pool

16th place: 1.7% of prize pool

17th place: 1.6% of prize pool

18th place: 1.5% of prize pool

19th place: 1.3% of prize pool

20th place: 1.2% of prize pool

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The Top 30 players in each Online game receive points that count toward Online Tavern & Online National Rankings.

The better your rankings, the better chance you have at qualifying for additional championships and prizes.

The Top 30 Players receive points based on their finish and the number of players that participate. In an Online game with 200 players, for example, the winner gets:

10,000 + (20 x 200) = 14,000 pts

Just like Live Venues, the point bonus is higher the better you finish.

1st place: 10,000 + (20 x # of players)

2nd place: 9,500 + (15 x # of players)

3rd place: 9,000 + (15 x # of players)

4th place: 8,500 + (15 x # of players)

5th place: 8,000 + (15 x # of players)

6th place: 7,500 + (15 x # of players)

7th place: 7,000 + (15 x # of players)

8th place: 6,500 + (15 x # of players)

9th place: 6,000 + (10 x # of players)

10th place: 5,500 + (10 x # of players)

11th place: 5,000 + (10 x # of players)

12th place: 4,500 + (10 x # of players)

13th place: 4,000 + (10 x # of players)

14th place: 3,500 + (10 x # of players)

15th place: 3,000 + (10 x # of players)

16th place: 2,500 + (10 x # of players)

17th place: 2,000 + (10 x # of players)

18th place: 1,500 + (10 x # of players)

19th place: 1,000 + (10 x # of players)

20th place: 500 + (10 x # of players)

21st place: 450 + (10 x # of players)

22nd place: 400 + (10 x # of players)

23rd place: 350 + (10 x # of players)

24th place: 300 + (10 x # of players)

25th place: 250 + (10 x # of players)

26th place: 200 + (10 x # of players)

27th place: 150 + (10 x # of players)

28th place: 100 + (10 x # of players)

29th place: 50 + (10 x # of players)

30th place: 0 + (10 x # of players)

Online Game Details

How To Register

Late Registration

Registering for Online games is easy. Just open the Online software by logging into your Online account via the top of this page. Click "Register for Tournaments" and select the events you want to play.

Daily tournaments go live on the Online site at around 8am each day. You can register up to 4 hours in advance of a tournament start time.

Player Permissions

Each tournament has 15-30 minutes of Late Registration available. This means a player can register up to 15 to 30 minutes after a game starts.

Most events have a 30-minute Late Registration window. Just click on the Tournament Info button in the Online software to see how long Late Registration is available for a particular event.

NOTE: If a tournament starts with 20 or less players and someone is knocked-out, late registration is automatically closed for that event.

Playing in Ring Games

Ring Games

Pro account holders have a "Permission" on their account to register for any Online tournament as long as they have enough chips in their Bankroll to play. Virtual buy-ins range from 75 chips up to 250 chips, with some "High Roller" buy-ins as well.

Free account holders can only register for the daily Day Drinkers 3:00pm EST game held Monday through Sunday.

Player Behavior

Regular WTP rules on behavior apply. Anyone found to be berating other players via chat will be issued a warning to stop. If it persists, they will be subject to dismissal from all Online events without refund.

If you see or are a victim of Online abuse in our games, please take screenshots and use our New HELP CENTER to proceed.

Points and Bankroll Updates

Your Online points and Bankrolls will generally be updated within one hour of completing a tournament or Ring Game session.

Length of Seasons

Each Online 'season' is 3 months in length:

Quarter 1: August 1st thru October 31st

Quarter 2: November 1st thru January 31st

Quarter 3: February 1st thru April 30th

Quarter 4: May 1st through July 31st

For the first Quarter 1, the season will be 2 months (Sept 1st through Oct 31st).

Ring Games are "cash-style" games where players can play for as little or as long as they want. The amount of chips you can sit down with is based on the blinds (which do not go up) for that table and is deducted from your available Bankroll:


1/2-chip blinds: 100-chip min, 500-chip max

2/5-chip blinds: 200-chip min, 1000-chip max

5/10-chip blinds: 400-chip min, 3000-chip max

Tables are set to 10-player maximums. If seats are available at a table, open the game and click on an empty seat (you'll be prompted to select the amount of chips to sit down with at that point). If a table is full, you can request to join the waitlist from the Ring Game lobby.

You must be out of chips before you can rebuy. There is an 'auto-rebuy' function in the table settings if you wish to have chips automatically added to your stack once you've run out.

If you wish to leave the table at any time, you may. However, if you leave a table, you must wait at least 5 minutes to return to that same table. This only applies to the same table - you can sit down at any other available table.

If you're playing from the same IP address, you cannot sit at the same Ring Game table (you can sit at different Ring Game tables, though). If you are inactive for 5 consecutive minutes, you will be removed from the table.

TIP: All of your Ring Game winnings are added to your Virtual Bankroll, giving you more chips to enter tournaments - including High-Limit events. But keep in mind that any losses also hurt your bankroll and may limit your ability to enter tournaments. Management is the key!

Ring Games are available daily. There may be "downtimes" during the hours of 6:00am to 10:00am EST for site maintenance. These times will vary.

More Game-Related FAQ's

Why are the points different in Online games versus Live games?


The Online points structure mimics the same scoring system as games in Live venues. We simply reduce the multipliers to keep points relatively in line with what you'd earn in a Live game.

Are Online players earning points for National Rankings?


No - we discontinued this on August 1st, 2021 as more and more Live bars are coming back.

Does my bankroll carry over from month to month?

No. Your Bankroll is a monthly allotment of chips. It will reset at the start of each month (20,000 for Pro, 1,000 for Free).

Can players on a Free account buy more chips if they run out?

No - chips are not available for purchase. Players with a Free account that runs out of chips can upgrade their account to Pro, however, at any time. 

Are my Online Tavern points on the WTP Live website?

No! All of your Online Tavern points and Bankroll Earnings appear on the Online site. There is no tie-in to the Live WTP website (other than seeing leaderboards, which is coming soon!)

Do I need to register for any Online games on the WTP Live website?!?

No! As stated multiple times, you cannot register for Online games on the WTP Live website.

I want to register for all my Online games days in advance. Can I?

No - registration is available 4 hours prior to that event's starting time.


When and where can I find these High-Roller events?


Be sure to check out our Schedule of Events page for the very latest. High-roller events will be posted there once we have a better idea of where they fit on the daily schedule. You can also follow our Official WTP Online Facebook group to get announcements right as they are posted here!

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