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Major Event Packages
Awarded Every Year

World Tavern Poker has created a fun and exciting way to enjoy playing our game and winning bigger prizes than ever before!

  • 50+ Tournaments Every Week

  • 8 Online Taverns To Play

  • Ring Games All Day, Every Day

  • Multiple Online Rankings

  • Variety of Games (Razz, Omaha, etc.)

  • Monthly Bankroll Championships

  • Quarterly Tavern Championships

  • Quarterly National Championships

  • Over $25,000 A Year In Prizes!

Ways To Play
Ways To Win
Build Your Bankroll Master Logo.png

Each month you will start with a virtual Bankroll of chips. Build your Bankroll by earning a Top 20 finish in any of the daily tournaments, or take your skills to the ring games.


The Top Earners each month will qualify for the Bankroll Championship and a shot at 12 Major Event Packages every year.


Tournaments will have Virtual Buy-ins (75 to 250 chips). Finish in the Top 20 in a tournament and you'll be ‘In The Money’ with winnings added to your bankroll.


Players will be ranked based on their Virtual earnings each month. The Top 30% in bankroll profit qualify for the monthly Championship and over $1,000 in prizes!

Play For The Points Main Logo.png

Finish in the Top 30 of any daily tournament and receive points towards your Online Tavern and Online National Rankings.


Top Ranked Players will qualify for the Quarterly Online Tavern & National Championships with another 12 Major Event Packages given away every year. 


Available 7 days a week ranging from 1/2-chip blinds to 5/10. All ring game winnings are added to your bankroll, giving you more chips for entry in bigger tournaments.


The Top 30 players receive points based on their finish and # of players. The point system is similar to a Live game (difference in bonus amount added for each player in the game).

Plans To Choose From

As a PRO Member, you'll have access to all Tournaments and Ring Games all month long. This is your fastest path to the Championships!

Access To ALL Tourneys

20,000-chip Monthly Bankroll

Best Path to Championships


As a Free Member, you'll have access to 3:00pm Day Drinkers tournaments only with a limited amount of Bankroll chips at your disposal.

Up to 7 Tourneys a Week

1,000-chip Monthly Bankroll


NOTE: Free and Pro accounts require a credit/debit card (free will not be charged). This is in place to prevent reckless play and multi-accounting (see FAQ for more info)


Click the link in your confirmation email to verify your Online account. Follow the steps in that email to get yourself ready to play.


Enjoy the action and have some fun!

QUESTIONS? Use our NEW Help Center HERE!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Credit Card to choose the free version?


By implementing this policy, it will eliminate people trying to disrupt the game by joining under multiple free accounts and playing recklessly over and over again. Click here for the full Terms and Conditions for more information.

Do I have to register on the World Tavern website like I would for a game at my bar?


No! You no longer need any reason to register for ANY Online game on the Live WTP website.

How often am I charged for the PRO version?

This is a monthly subscription that will be automatically billed every 30 days (from the day you joined).

I want to upgrade to PRO but it's the middle of the month. What happens if I upgrade now?

Awesome! You will be charged a prorated amount based on your first joining date. For example, if you signed up for a Free account on the 15th of the month, and upgraded to PRO on the 25th, you'll be charged a reduced amount from the 25th through the 14th of the following month. From then on, you'll be billed $25 on the 15th of each month.

How do I cancel or make changes to my Membership?

Simply CLICK HERE and log in to your online account to make any changes to your membership or payment options.

Is this software mobile friendly?

YES! Almost all of the features are the same no matter what device you use to play. Obviously, mobile device users will experience slightly different gameplay (iPhones have some challenges because they don't work with frames well). Remember, use the software's buttons to access different areas. Hitting your browser's back button may log you out!

Having account issues?

Please use our Help Center (click here).

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