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Start by earning an Online Tavern Ranking by finishing in the Top 30 at one of seven Online venues. Play more games and earn a spot on the Online National Ranking, and earn Bankroll Winnings to place you onto the Monthly Bankroll leaderboard.

Online Tavern Rank

Each Online Tavern has its own Ranking (the average of your Top 15 scores)

Online National Rank

Compete Nationally against players from across the country (the average of your Top 30 scores at all Online Taverns)

Bankroll Leaderboard

Players are also ranked by the amount of their Virtual Winnings each month

Beer Icon.png

Over $25,000 in prizes awaits! Compete daily to earn rankings for our Championship events below. Here's how to qualify:


Any Top 3 finish in a Live or Online tournament during the previous month



Top 30% ranked in each Online Tavern*

All Online Taverns have an online Tavern Championship!

*=from each quarterly ranking

Build Your Bankroll Championship-1.png

Top 30% in Virtual Winnings from the monthly Bankroll Leaderboard

Online Quarterly Championship-1.png

Top 30 ranked in each Online Tavern*

Top 30% of National Online Ranking*

Top 16 from each monthly Bankroll event*

*=from each monthly ranking/event in a Quarter

PLEASE NOTE: Qualifications through Online play are credited to your WTP Online Account. Please log in, click the PLAY NOW button, and go to the Online Lobby. There, you can click on the Account tab, and click Show Tickets to see what you have qualified for.

If you have qualified for the Online TOC via Top 3 finish in a live, in-person WTP game the previous month, your ticket will be automatically added a few days before the event.

If you qualified for the Online TOC through LIVE in-person play but do NOT have an Online account, you must create one and request your ticket.


IMPORTANT: All requests for tickets through new accounts MUST BE MADE by 5pm ET on the day of the event - otherwise, you may not be able to play!

Prize Info
$ icon.png

WSOP seats, gift cards, National seats, and medallions - oh my! With over $25,000 awarded every year, there are tons of prizes to compete for.

NOTE: The monthly Online TOC Champion (winner takes all) earns a $500 WSOP Package!

Online Tavern Championships

1st place: National Champ Finals seat, Tavern Champ Medallion

2nd place: National Semifinals seat

3rd place: National Semifinals seat

4th place: National Semifinals seat

5th place: National Semifinals seat

6th place: National Semifinals seat

7th place: National Semifinals seat

8th place: National Semifinals seat

9th place: National Semifinals seat

10th place: National Semifinals seat

Build Your Bankroll Championship-1.png
Monthly Bankroll Championships

1st place: $500 WSOP Package, Bankroll Medallion

2nd place: $200 Gift Card, Medallion

3rd place: $100 Gift Card, Medallion

4th place: $75 Gift Card, Medallion

5th place: $50 Gift Card, Medallion

6th thru 8th place: $25 Gift Card, Medallion

9th thru 16th place: Medallion

The Top 16 also earn seats to the quarterly National Online Championships!

Online Quarterly Championship-1.png
Online National Championships

1st place: $1,000 WSOP Package, Online Championship Medallion

2nd place: $500 WSOP Package, Medallion

3rd place: $200 Gift Card, Medallion

4th place: $175 Gift Card, Medallion

5th place: $150 Gift Card, Medallion

6th place: $125 Gift Card, Medallion

7th - 8th place: $100 Gift Card, Medallion

9th thru 11th place: $75 Gift Card, Medallion

12th thru 14th place: $50 Gift Card, Medallion

15th - 16th place: $25 Gift Card, Medallion

The Season Points Champion at each Online Tavern will also receive an SPC medallion!


See our monthly and quarterly champions and winners below!

For a list of 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 winners, CLICK HERE!

Build Your Bankroll Championship-1.png
Build Your Bankroll Championship-1.png
Monthly Bankroll Championships (January)
Online Season Points Champions (November-January Quarter)
Monthly Bankroll Championships (February)

WINNER: geomorgan - George Morgan

2. KyleShafer90 - Kyle Shafer
3. Not2Day - Kim Jones
4. wiseguy1 - Ray Wise
5. mikeventsr - Michael Venturino, Sr.
6. lilone1223x1 - Debra    Connolly
7. cosmo2112 - Rick Alexander
8. Sammyb - Bryan Boyd
9. Drk3036 - Dan Kite
10. Donnello - Donnell Oliver
11. pokerindaACE - Michael Bakaysa, Jr.
12. firetiger - Juan Antonio Moreno
13. tcb1969cf - Tim Bloedorn
14. EJS100 - Ellen Stucker
15. DAtwater - David Atwater
16. viculp - Vic Culp

NOONERZ: parlayguy (Robert Gilbert)

DAY DRINKERS: skyblue (Donna Owens)

HANNAH'S: rgsay (Rance Strausbaugh)

TWISTED RIVER: rgsay (Rance Strausbaugh)

LATE NIGHT MUCK: DirtyDan56 (Dan Johnston)

ALLIGATOR BAR: rgsay (Rance Strausbaugh)

WEEKEND WARRIOR: rgsay (Rance Strausbaugh)

WINNER: kevinwoj - Kevin Wojtaszek

2. davnkat - Kathy Bond
3. Futjka - Frank Radics
4. Tupelohoney - Mary Beth Butler
5. Gman1956 - Gary Thurmond
6. Martease - Vaughn Thomas
7. Naturboy - Randy Johnson
8. geomorgan - George Morgan
9. BAMA86 - Jeff Harris
10. Drk3036 - Dan Kite
11. NeeNee211 - Stephanie Neenan
12. crdelozier - Chris Delozier
13. Iluvchips - Ginny Seeger
14. DoubLeL - Gail Webb
15. mussec - Robin Musser
16. dawn2k - Dawn Smith

Online Quarterly Championship-1.png
Build Your Bankroll Championship-1.png
Online Tavern Champions (February Events)
Quarterly National Online Championship (Nov-Jan)
Monthly Bankroll Championships (March)

NOONERZ: DaveHead (David Head)

DAY DRINKERS: royalflush12 (Tomer Kravitz)

HANNAH'S: AnitaFlush (Susie Lillibridge)

TWISTED RIVER: bullie (Sandra York)

LATE NIGHT MUCK: DAtwater (David Atwater)

ALLIGATOR BAR: Lynniedapooh (Lynnie Marie)


WINNER: viculp - Vic Culp

2. ToeJoe - Larry Farley
3. super007 - Lenny "Doc" Superville
4. geomorgan - George Morgan
5. Ladyv1625 - Linda Vaughan
6. lumber557 - Don Guiton
7. Cuser - Greg Bender
8. Jesusfreak31 - Dale Scott
9. mikeventsr - Michael Venturino, Sr.
10. crdelozier - Chris Delozier
11. Silk19596 - Patricia Baress
12. Thruman23 - Bill Thruman
13. FrankieB23 - Frank Butler
14. trogofwi - Terry Hillestad
15. CaroleW - Carole Word
16. dsrushtime - Dwayne Shartzer

WINNER: akpWTP - Anil K

2. viculp - Vic Culp
3. rgsay - Rance Strausbaugh
4. Supercox - Roger Cox
5. crowflies - Chris Cronin
6. kevinwoj - Kevin Wojtaszek
7. dawn2k - Dawn Smith
8. PocketDux - Breck Schwartz
9. GoToLeep - Dan Hignight
10. Cheatemanrun - Thomas Filipiak
11. Tupelohoney - Mary Beth Butler
12. timebomb - John Witzgall
13. Ladyv1625 - Linda Vaughan
14. Donnello - Donnell Oliver
15. MsDMs - Donna Snedecor
16. lilone1223x1 - Debra Connolly

Build Your Bankroll Championship-1.png
Build Your Bankroll Championship-1.png
Monthly Bankroll Championships (April)
Monthly Bankroll Championships (May)
Online Season Points Champions (February-April Quarter)

WINNER: Sandy - Sandra Walker

2. McClu - Linda McClure
3. Hdjoeotr - Joseph Whalen
4. Rebkoch - Becky Koch
5. Shaken007 - David Bond
6. Mboo - Michelle Booth
7. geomorgan - George Morgan
8. corkscrew - Don Bull
9. Elly1 - Sharon    
10. Jahurley - Jake Hurley
11. lumber557 - Don Guiton
12. mikeventsr - Michael Venturino, Sr.
13. BAMA86 - Jeff Harris
14. StoneTowner - Bruce Furtney
15. Cathy529 - Catherine Kubeny
16. DoubLeL - Gail Webb

WINNER: Mboo - Michelle Booth

2. super007 - Lenny "Doc" Superville
3. cmlhntr2016x - Bill Brox
4. Bird33 - Jeff Hunt
5. Pullinleela9 - Leela Hilliard
6. Ericw2676 - Eric Witkowski
7. margi67 - Margi Sanderson
8. Sandy - Sandra Walker
9. DAtwater - David Atwater
10. GirthBrooks - Jonathan Hartsock
11. LetsDance - Susan Kinsinger
12. NOTTODAY - Kim Jones
13. ACEgrand - Ann Martin
14. ginfizz - Ginger Moser
15. DoubLeL - Gail Webb
16. PocketDux - Breck Schwartz

NOONERZ: rgsay (Rance Strausbaugh)

DAY DRINKERS: kevinwoj (Kevin Wojtaszek)

HANNAH'S: Jesusfreak31 (Dale Scott)

TWISTED RIVER: ToeJoe (Larry Farley)

LATE NIGHT MUCK: Imtech (James Francovitch)

ALLIGATOR BAR: rgsay (Rance Strausbaugh)

WEEKEND WARRIOR: Donnello (Donnell Oliver)

Online Quarterly Championship-1.png
Build Your Bankroll Championship-1.png
Online Tavern Champions (Feb-Apr Events)
Quarterly National Online Championship (Feb-Apr)
Monthly Bankroll Championships (June)

NOONERZ: Sunboy83 (Brandon Rodgers)


HANNAH'S: DAtwater (David Atwater)

TWISTED RIVER: Rebkoch (Becky Koch)

LATE NIGHT MUCK: ToeJoe (Larry Farley)

ALLIGATOR BAR: PocketDux (Breck Schwartz)

WEEKEND WARRIOR: Sunboy83 (Brandon Rodgers)

WINNER: MrJim - James Button

2. BAMA86 - Jeff Harris
3. LittleD - David Maroney
4. Jglenn37 - Jeff Carter
5. TheButcher - Bill Kunz
6. corkscrew - Don Bull
7. cmlhntr2016x - Bill Brox
8. DoubLeL - Gail Webb
9. rgsay - Rance Strausbaugh
10. EJS100 - Ellen Stucker
11. PoolShark12 - Jason Andrews
12. McClu - Linda McClure
13. PANFAN - Phil Smith
14. Bird33 - Jeff Hunt
15. kidjerry - Jerry Sall
16. mussec - Robin Musser

WINNER: crusher732 - Thomas Lorenc

2. timebomb - John Witzgall
3. Supercox - Roger Cox
4. dawn2k - Dawn Smith
5. Bird33 - Jeff Hunt
6. KnightOwl - Charles Richards
7. parlayguy - Robert Gilbert
8. mikeventsr - Michael Venturino, Sr.
9. Charles - Charles DiCicco
10. StoneTowner - Bruce Furtney
11. Ronniet23 - Ron Tencyk
12. super007 - Lenny "Doc" Superville
13. rgsay - Rance Strausbaugh
14. davnkat - Kathy Bond
15. tcb1969cf - Tim Bloedorn
16. ginfizz - Ginger Moser

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